Danish Design Watches

Danish Design Watches

About The Website 

Danish Design watches aren't a new creation. They have been refining our craft for decades since the first DANISH DESIGN  watch was created in 1988 by S. Weisz Uurwerken BV. He created his first watch after he noticed that consumers preferred a clean, efficient, modern design – unlike anything that was available on the market in 1988.
Today, DANISH DESIGN  watches are known for their trademark Scandinavian style – elegance, streamlined simplicity and high-quality design, which makes them popular in the U.S., the U.K., Europe and beyond. The collection includes designs by famed Danish designer Jan Egeberg, among many others.

About The Client 

Our client Steve who is the major distributor of DANISH DESIGN watches in the United States was seeking a website design that resembles a sleek and fashionable look, which presents the true essence of the watches and materials used which include stainless steel, high-grade ceramic, and anti-allergic titanium.

Work Delivered

Our team at Syntelex created the website of their dream. We were assigned to fully design and implement their website from the ground up.We created a unique search for viewing and accessing various DANISH DESIGN watch models for Men and for Women. We created a panel for workers to access to add watches, descriptions, and images.
DANISH DESIGN is now being introduced in the United States through the distributorship of Envision Enterprises INC. The line has already been shown at shows in Florida and New York, and has received enthusiastic responses and thousands of followers all throughout the United States. We welcome you in joining us and becoming our valued customer.
DANISH DESIGN offers a wide variety of design timepieces in their new website. Different materials are being used like stainless steel, titanium <span class="text_exposed_show">and ceramic that will comfort your wrist when wearing a DANISH DESIGN watch.</span>
The collection contains watches with the main functions of telling the time, but some also include functions such as:
  • 24 hour display
  • Chronograph
  • Day and date display
  • Mechanical (automatic)
  • Radio Controlled (Frankfurt)

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