Dynocart – Expandable Personal Utility Cart

Website, product design, render, and prototype implementation.

Dynocart is an expandable  personal shopping cart  

About the Product

Dynocart is an expandable  personal shopping cart  people use for shopping at the malls or supermarkets, doing laundry, or just transporting goods. What’s unique about this shopping cart is that its like any other shopping cart, but it expands upwards to provide more space for products to prevent the overflow of products. From having more space to storing products, to taking it up and down the stairs. Dynocart is the ideal personal shopping cart for every day use.

Introductory Video:

Product Design

We created over 5 custom designs and variations  for the personal shopping. Including 1 model plastic as seen in the featured image, and another 2 models in chrome wire and steel. We created all  2d and 3d  designs, and used an agile process where we were adding newer, better, and more feasible features including adjustable back and side panels. These panels allow the user to easily slide them upward to increase storage space in the cart.

We made sure that DynoCart eases the task of shopping for large orders, and  saves consumers a considerable amount of time and effort when shopping for groceries, doing laundry, transporting books, mail and packages.

Our  team provided full stack  design and outsourced engineering services including:

  • Animated Videos and Product Demonstration Videos
  • Banner Designes and Expo stand design
  • 2D and 3D CAD rendering services
  • Sourcing  factories for DynoCart
  • Creation of  first prototype
  • SEO and Online Marketing

Website Design

We also designed and implemented the product website for Dynocart giving it a nice, modern, and sleek look and feel. The website was designed in WordPress. All articles were written by our team and all SEO and Social Media was done by us.


Product Design Demonstration

Our team worked on this project for 4 years to bring it to life. We developed 6 prototypes and demonstration videos showing the functions of the product and proving the upward expansion and star wheel features. Please check the following videos:

Upward Expansion

Star Wheels


Animation Video for Plastic Version:


Virtual Demonstration Video:



Product Design Visualization: Patented Expandable Feature


Product Design Visualization: Shopping Cart Folding Feature

As part of our services, we provided copy writing services for every page, blog article content, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Pre-order DynoCart today- Click here

Project Details:



Roy F. Johnson




Product Design , Sourcing Manufacturing , Website Design , Website Development

Our team was in charge of creating the product website and the first prototype.