Amoretto – Social Dating App

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Social Dating Made Simple

Amoretto is a social dating mobile application for iPhone. With Amoretto, users can easily create a profile, see singles around their vicinity, and easily vote expressing interest in each other. Users can easily find you if if your discovery settings are on, and you can set your preferences easily so matches which fit your requirements.


Voting Ability

Users can easily explore a large variety of singles, view photos, and  vote either “Like” or “Dislike”.  Voting is confidential and kept private unless both people express interest in each other. With Amoretto,  you can  tap on the photo and see additional information regarding the person.

Match Capability

Amoretto matches singles depending on the users interests. If a user votes “Like”, they can easily chat with each other and break the ice.


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A new an exciting popular social dating app that's easy to use and a great way to connect with singles.